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The Power of Interaction by www.MrPOI.Me

Before start of Pandemic lockdown Malaysia that began on 18 March 2020   The above photos were all taken at Blue Boy Mansion except the bottom right as my 2nd daughter was expecting her 2nd child and did not fly the distance from US. The the 3 pics were taken within a couple of months before the Pandemic hit the whole country not forgetting the world! My 2nd grand daughter is seen in the photo taken after she was born in April of 2020. The borders soon all became closed and I would lose physical contact with my close family members. How did I feel in my heart, mind and soul? In the period of less than two years since the lockdown, strangely I considered myself to be in the busiest time of my life! Why so? Listen to this latest online opportunity I had to express myself. I spoke from my heart mainly as my mind was fuzzy about years or figures. It was an impromptu dialogue, not a prepared speech. I was fully 'Interacting' with the host, highlighting the power of 'Interaction

The Power of Reason

Reasoning helped me achieve the following: Yellow Bird from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo .

Power of Purpose