Power of Purpose

This is the third and last of my tripartite nature of Man series, the Spirit part after I've covered the Body(Power of Interaction) and Mind(Power of Reason).

My father had a keen interest in photography, a strong habit in organizing and filing documents or photographs which I believe was passed on to me. He was influential or a strong guide to his four sons in education, who helped me choose a profession that had a "Chartered" title like he had, and passed that to a couple of my brothers too. It was a title inherited from the British that ruled Malaya to eventually become known as Malaysia where I was born a year after independence in 1958.

My grandfather on my mother's side

By the time I graduated and later worked as an articled clerk to become a Chartered Accountant, the British way of becoming a professional, my Consciousness in life had made me quite a different Man with a different Purpose.

I ended up with a unique resume of my own with a strong spiritual background.

Not many words were shared in this journal. It is the Spirit domain of life that even the famous Greek philosopher Plato kept silent after naming the Body for Appetites and Mind for Reason.

I would conclude with the Bird stories of my life and allow readers to meditate and ponder themselves the purpose of their own life, that they may find power in it, as I have found for my own life.

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