The Mind-Body connection to everything via sub-atomic particles

My research on Optimal Performance and Thinking finally connected to the topic of Energy and here is the simple explanation. If we want to analyze anything, we need to break down the matter to more details to understand the detailed processes involved. What can be more detailed than the understanding of subatomic particles? Most would think that the source of the energy in our bodies is a process of chemistry within. We think of the metabolism or break down of the food we eat to become energy to be stored or used for our body needs. I remember vividly in my chemistry class at school in the mid-70s that we were taught the Periodic Table at school. This was my first introduction to the understanding that chemical elements were made up of atoms, the basic unit of matter. These elements were further made up of protons, neutrons and electrons and the Periodic Table was a ranking of the number of protons each element possessed in its nucleus. It didn't mean much to us as students then except that the branch of atomic science was able to create the powerful atom bomb that ended World War II.

Even though I had finished school to go to Business college to qualify as an accountant and later became a management consultant with Hard and Soft skills of Information technology and human resource development, I had always been interested in things of science. I continued to keep abreast of advancing science by reading books, magazines and watching documentaries. When the internet became available, I had a rich world of information that I could download text, photos, and videos to satisfy my hunger of knowledge. With increased bandwidth and speed of the internet today, I could lately participate in live online courses to glean from the authors of the books I had read who were specialists in the areas I was interested in. Intelligence is truly flowing into the world as if it is one big body connected to intelligent cells located anywhere through a central nervous system of wires that links us together.

I got to learn more about the nature of these subatomic particles that they are of a wave and particle. The latest String Theory suggests that sub-atomic particles are really just resonances or vibrations of a tiny string. They are one-dimensional strings that vibrate as bundles of energy and information. In short, the theories tell us that whatever we see as solids including our bodies are actually made up of sub-atomic particles that contain energy and information where the variations of the frequency of the wave or vibration of the strings make up the unique codes for each element or substance that we know of in this world.

To understand frequency, I liken it to the frames of a film, the frequency or the speed of the movement of the frames produces an animated movie that looks real to us. In other words, everything we see even as a solid is actually made up of sub-atomic particles that is a wave or string of energy and information with different frequencies. The different frequencies of these waves or strings make them appear as solids, liquids or gas just as ice turns to water or steam when heat energy is applied to it. WOW! The theory that these particles are a wave or string of energy and information suddenly broadens my understanding of the brain and neurotransmitters which was thought to be mainly chemical reactions and interactions. Imagine that if you could change the frequency of these waves or strings to transmit energy and information to other beings, their cells etc, you could not only be an effective communicator but a healer as well by giving new energy and information that sick cells need! The pharmaceutical industry makes drugs that are based on chemical properties to alleviate symptoms in our bodies. If we could somehow change frequencies of the waves or strings of sub-atomic particles in our bodies, maybe it would be an alternative cure of our sicknesses. There is evidence to show that there is a Mind-Body connection, without the intervention of any chemicals by use of drugs, as in the case of the placebo effect observed when sick patients were given inert pills and believing they are genuine actually find that the symptoms of their sickness actually disappear!

I am beginning to understand the mechanics behind why the faithful, with a unified heart and mind, can heal as the power of love transcends all of mankind and nature. Love and Faith create a strong force of energy and information that can permeate through everything just the same way a laser cuts through even diamonds, the world’s hardest stone. All nature and the universe are connected through these same sub-atomic particles that everything on earth is made of. It just takes a powerful source of energy such as love and effective information which is personally indisputable such as faith to drive through anything to create seemingly miraculous results to the common man. If you understand the mechanics of it like a magician performing his acts, it can be an everyday occurrence. Learn more about Quantum Mechanics in this video here:

An important point to note is that each wave-particle or string is not intelligent by itself as there seems to be a flow of greater intelligence that creates order in all the subatomic particles. This flow of intelligence could be a life force in the body of Man that if it ceases to flow when death occurs, all energy and information contained in the cells or subatomic particles are rendered useless

The heart and mind or our feeling and thinking is powerful because it can change energy and information levels of others, the way the hearts and minds of creative people have changed the world. Think about it, everything man has made from ancient history is due to his understanding and connection to a greater source of energy and information or simply light and truth. From there he is able to use the energy and information to invent, create and innovate to improve his personal life and that of his community. The use of tools, levers, gears, machines, cars, airplanes, rockets, computers, telephones, radios, satellites all have something to do with or ties back to the use of our heart and mind, that I believe is the controller of energy and information within us.

In this post, I have used the words magician, love, heart, and mind. Take a look at this video that has a more creative way to express quantum mechanics or physics with those words used, applied or acted out. Enjoy!

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