Culprit of the subconscious mind

See I have observed that fear is a big culprit of our subconscious minds. I’ve noted that fear can do one of two things to one who is conscious of the fear or has it hidden in the subconcious. First is that it can paralyze the person, making the person fear further in repeating an action or weakens the individual to feel it’s a waste of time to do anything to change the circumstances even if it involves carrying out a non-related action. Apathy is the result of what you get with fears in our subconscious minds.

On the other hand, for more action orientated personalities, fear can invoke anger in these individuals which if not controlled by thought results in violence. Fear narrows the mind to a fight or flight mentality, thinking there are only two choices when there could be a third or more. That is why educated people, who in my opinion have had education gone through them instead of just having gone through education, will find themselves in a more optimal state to do something that is more carefully thought of to bring best results with best actions. Mohandas Gandhi was a good exemplar of having an optimal state of mind in his actions to free India from the Great Britain. It was ironical that his strategy was really to do nothing at all but stood firm in his opinions of his mind to free India with passive resistance and told the rest to do the same.

Perhaps he had experienced fear too of the mighty British Empire. His Optimal Mind must have enabled him to avoid re-actively to fight against them or run away from them. Instead he managed the fear that could make him angry or paralyze his mind to choose neither. As history records it, he directed the paralyzing part of fear to paralyze the British Empire instead by teaching his country men the strategy of passive resistance.

Post-dated addition:
Watch this video that explains more about the subconscious mind in comparison with the conscious mind :


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