China's Politics and Economics

Brief History of China

This video was posted in previous journal at the end of my journey of successfully tracing the genealogy of my ancestors from my father's side found here. Some history of China was initiated from that journal to eventually lead to this journal covering China today during my life time.

Dec 2017
Unconventional Wisdom way to think about China

14 Sep 2018
How did China succeed?

Nov 2019
China's Economics and Politics

Dec 2019
China to compete with US  to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence by2030

11 Apr 2020
Collapse of China Explained By Chinese American Lawyer, Gordon Chang

May 2020
USA vs China: The new cold war on the horizon

A Professor explains the History of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

28 Jun 2020
COVID-19 documentary on China

India-China Standoff: Author Gordon Chang On China's Intimidation Game

1 Sep 2020
Conflicts in China border areas

21 Nov 2020
View of why Communism works better for China than Democracy of USA.

The above is very convincing in many areas but corruption or in modern terms called "Fake News" seems to be a greater problem within the economic or worse still cultural lives of the people in China expounded by Thorsten J. Pattberg who is very knowledgeable and experienced living in China:

31 Dec 2021
China's 6G launching 3 Satellites in 4 hours, USA comes to ask for cooperation!
Click here to view Youtube video.

12 Jan 2022
Kishore Mahbubani Q&A

12 Jan 2022
(Kishore Mahbubani's book launch) "The Asian 21st Century Opportunities and Challenges"

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