On Politics, Freedom and Harmony in Malaysia Part 2

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21 Aug 2021
Doctors unite for Ivermectin protocol for treatment of COVID-19

27 Aug 2021
What Led To Muhyiddin's Downfall In Malaysia? 

9 Oct 2021
Harris Ibrahim, a veteran legal and human rights activist gives me light to our political problems in Malaysia today.

SAVING MALAYSIA from Freedom Film Network on Vimeo.

7 Nov 2021
Datuk Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas with Harith Iskander

3 & 4 Dec 2021
Invited to meet with MUDA, Malaysia's youngest political party with dinner first with their Bukit Bintang representatives and later meeting a larger group the next day.

14 Dec 2021
3rd party interview with Syed Saddiq, founder of MUDA

12 Jan 2022
Azam's Tale is About Putrajaya Sweeping Things Under the Carpet

To be continued or edited where necessary...


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