The Power of Interaction

Before the start of a Pandemic lockdown in Malaysia that began on 18 March 2020  

The above photos were all taken at Blue Boy Mansion except the bottom right as my 2nd daughter was expecting her 2nd child and did not fly the distance from US. The 3 pics were taken within a couple of months before the Pandemic hit the whole country not forgetting the world! My 2nd grand daughter is seen in the photo taken after she was born in April of 2020.

The borders soon all became closed and I would lose physical contact with my close family members. How did I feel in my heart, mind and soul? In the period of less than two years since the lockdown, strangely I considered myself to be in the busiest time of my life! Why so? Listen to this latest online opportunity I had to express myself. I spoke from my heart mainly as my mind was fuzzy about years or figures. It was an impromptu dialogue, not a prepared speech. I was fully 'Interacting' with the host, highlighting the power of 'Interaction' I discovered in my life long journals and recent research to be the foundation of how I achieved OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking in my lifetime.

I was truly sharing the true Consciousness about myself or my life! Of course I had already written down detailed journals of my life's experiences that may validate what I rambled out as answers to questions posed to me. Most important I felt was that I spoke from the true feelings of my heart. It has always been feelings that drive me, not so much my mind/brain facts or all the knowledge I've squeezed into it from my years of formal education! Follow this neuroscientist who is inline with my personal research about feelings as the heart of human consciousness and not the thinking that most scientists believe.

Interaction via podcast with a host in Taiwan:

In the podcast video above, I had mentioned how I could keep the family together after they had all grown up because of the habits developed when young. Below is an example:

After my dear wife passed away and the children had really grown up to live more independently, I could spend time to update my knowledge of the world. I knew we were living in an era which was like never before. Man has access to this abundant and progressive knowledge of our world and beyond. At the same time, He would also possibly face the greatest challenges of his life time!

A senior friend of 30 years of mine living in the US watched my Podcast and on my early Friday morning of 10 Sep 2021, in Malaysia, I checked my WhatsApp to see a link he provided which is a voice podcast.

Listen to what Tony Finau said about why he succeeds to be a champion in golf in the recording timed at 3:35 of what his father taught him. "Never Give Up."  In my video podcast, you can hear me conclude my talk with it at the end and also quoted it earlier with a longer version of "Never Never Never Give up!"

During the pandemic, I found that I could still make new friends face-face or online. I could do it due to what I shared in my podcast in the above video where I highlighted the something I always seek for in life was 'Interaction'. Watch this video to appreciate how this relationships of interaction improves our health and longevity: It resonates with my own podcast, where I revealed that I had enjoyed good health or never getting sick for most of my lifetime as an adult!

Interaction with others through Media production

Click here to view

Interaction via FaceBook with Joseph Wong.

Click here to view the above in FaceBook.

During the Pandemic, I was following the online news to find a property management company online in Facebook that I deduced was very professional and knew the Strata Title Management Act very well.

It was during the Pandemic at its height and I didn't expect the company to be opened but when I was checking out its webpage, I found a communication icon and clicked it. I was surprised that in the chat box was someone responding to me. I was surprised that the person on the other end was spending quite a fair amount of time type chatting with me. Guess possible during the Pandemic, we were having a great conversation for over 2 hours. I thanked the man for his time and said I would try to visit their office when the lockdown would be over!

Well the lockdown continued for very much longer and I chatted online one day again and this is when he was more comfortable with me to tell me his story. He had a major operation on his brain some time ago that failed due to an error by a nurse of the hospital. It resulted in half of his brain and whole same half of the body becoming paralyzed where even that one of his two eyes became blind! I was shocked that he was typing steadily to me and he revealed that he was just using one finger!!! He informed me he was wheel chair bound but was determined to stand up on both his feet one day. With that determination and persistence or will power, he managed to do what he intended to do too and not just be bedridden! This is Joseph Wong.

The FaceBook story of his involvement to help 'Uncle Kentang' above is a manifestation of Joseph's tenacity and will power!

Interaction meetings in Penang

When the interstate border was opened, I took the opportunity to visit family and friends! I cherish reviewing these journals that allow me to feel the interactions of life whenever I want to with just a click here.

Interaction with Community groups in Kuala Lumpur

With my office located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Bukit Bintang, I am constantly interacting with many community groups to have first hand knowledge of all the good things people are doing especially during these pandemic times!

Cleaning Bukit Bintang

Interaction with departed souls

Since setting up my office just before the pandemic started, I was led to many good men and women who are ordinary citizens but silently are doing their part to give back to society. I was shocked to learn that one man whom I had interacted with when I first came to Blue Boy Mansion had passed away! The video above shares my feelings in memory of Kam Fatt, added to the list of many people who have passed on but I felt I had to share my natural feelings about them in this memorial online site of mine!

Interaction with technology

(For those viewing on phones, click the  FaceBook icon to have a better view)

When I was young, I was fascinated with playing with the abacus that was an invention from China for calculation. Soon electronic calculators replaced the abacus. From electronics, the world advanced to the digital age. I chose to study computer science as a major in my business course in 1977. In 1981, the first IBM PCs were introduced into homes, schools and offices. The Apple Macintosh was introduced three years later. It was in the 80s that I started business, backed by computer hardware and software. The technology world has been my playground up till today to enjoy its products which constantly amazes me!

Hence the creation of became symbolic of my life from the era of my birth using the old Abacus to calculate to advance to the scientific world we live in today where we use computers, smart phones and Cloud technology!

Interaction with world events that make me aware how vulnerable we are!

Using technology of the internet via PopCorn, I happened to pick the latest documentary/movie on 9/11 disaster in New York City. My senior friend in US mentioned above, who rarely text me online, sent the above video to my attention. The above video brought tears to my eyes, not the PopCorn movie! I was touched by the Spirit that leads to my next Interaction titled post below!

Interaction with the Spirit of God

It was in the final year of my university in Australia that I got very interested to know about the Spirit of God. It was then that I started to write journals so that I would not forget my spiritual experiences later in life. They were first hand written as PCs or internet phones were not available. I began to transfer relevant journal entries or experiences in 2005 onwards that starts here.

Interaction with the Spirit of the Devil

Photo is figurative only (Source.)

Many Christians believe the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who defied God and fell from grace. This assumption that he is a fallen angel is often based on the book of Isaiah in the Bible which says, "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! 

Remember that in my journals when sharing experiences, they are written as real or true experiences as I have encountered. Here is my true story.

Interaction with what cannot be seen but can be felt

Click here to read the article, 'Knowing the Tactics of Our Enemy'  
By Joseph G. Richardson

Interaction with my favorite spiritual speakers online

Recorded sessions of the past can be found in YouTube here and FaceBook too!

Interaction with Family and Friends

Interaction with Dogs

Interaction with an Asian Water Monitor

Watch this video of the pond in earlier days when I had turned it to a safe playground for the children. I was already aware of the presence of what I called a 'Monitor Lizard' living under the rocks to realized that under the rocks was an opening to the bottom of the house that had become an underground catchment area for all the rain water that seeped into it. Both the pond and the underground catchment area was an ideal home for the lizard but little did I know that it could grow to be six feet long discovered only recently on this day writing this journal! Click here to see the photo I found online that looked like the lizard I've briefly seen shared in my early journals!

My OPT trait shared in my recent years of intensive research is also mentioned in the video relevant that if I did not continue to interact with the abandoned home, I would not have known more about the wild life of our country particularly about this well known creature who lived with our family! My interaction with family and friends in Penang island about a month later gave me this surprise:

I checked online about the Asian Monitor lizard in Penang and found this very closeup video on the beach!

Interaction with Birds

Interaction with Insects

Interaction with a Mystical Island

FaceBook post

Interaction with a professor from Harvard University, Robert Boyle

His website where I have learned much for my research is found here.

Interaction with the citizens of my country

Click here to watch the video with groups passing by where I said, "...they were the ones who brought tears to my eyes!"

Interaction with Government leaders and International delegates

Video of Dr Ang Swee Chai. (Warning: Disfigured bodies)

Interaction on stage in a Las Vegas sales convention

Interaction with my departed wife again

I made this Facebook post on 5 Sep 2021 purely based on a spiritual feeling. Little did I know, about 2 weeks later I could get a surprise call from the US. However I was not to spread the news online, meaning primarily Facebook where I have over 2.4k of mainly friends and family members from all over the world!

So as how spiritual patterns of communication started occurring in my life since 1979, I could recognize this pattern that has continued for me till today in 2021. Yes, for example, my wife couldn't keep the secret or joke about my foolish act at the birth of our first child, so I know she was giving me a sign about a secret to be kept that I would be informed 2 weeks after my FB post of Sep 5 in 2021 that I felt was inspired by my wife.

So sharing this news vaguely here would be an OPTmal decision for me!!! Yes, I even reserved the unique domain name of MrOPT.Me for myself! Complete news will be shared later when I'm allowed to haha!....

Period of silence........

The moment finally came when I got permission! This was on 5 Oct 2021 in our family celebration of my birthday on Google Hangout shared in the brief video below! We stayed up for over 2 hours chatting and catching up with one another with the last bit shared below:

I really felt like how the mother of our family felt when she expressed it in the Story Telling contest shared above, to keep the secret of her husband's goof up! It was hard for me just to keep the happy news for over 3 weeks. Yes "yabadabado" I'm going to be Grandpa again for the 3rd time!!!

POSTDATED EVENT: Baby was born in the year 2022, March 20 (US date) at 8:12am which is March 21 (Msia date) at 11.12pm

Click here or the photo above to view the journal of the birth of Fei's baby!!!

Appreciation to Han the oldest son, whose birthday is next mentioned in the video, for capturing our photos online & created the above collage. Appreciation must also be given to our Lady Diana and Kak Tun for their contribution to raise all the children as well!

I felt impressed to add this old photo of Mom the story teller, entertaining children in the MRT train in Singapore, whom I believe couldn't keep the secret in the first place to lead to my journal story above! Yes, she has not stopped "Touching Lives."

Interaction with Facebook media for fond memories

Interaction with the Science of Quantum Physics

I was a pure science student since middle or secondary school who only switched to business school for my university due to my father's recommendation. I could keep up with latest information of the quantum physics world that emerge only in the latter part of my life. Thanks to my own decision to do a major in computer science in 1977 in Australia for my business course, I could continue to update myself with the rapidly advancing field of information technology. 

I had always been a very sociable person interacting with family and friends in real life. When Social Media became a big thing in the information Tech world, I was blessed to be able to use the PC and smart phones to not just interact with friends but with rapid emerging knowledge/information of our fast moving world! I could embark on my intensive research on the topic of Human Consciousness to keep up with the latest in science including other related subjects such as psychology, philosophy and virtually any subject of my interest which is very very wide! The above video produced in 2021 is an example of how easily I can acquire the latest knowledge or information update from the world of quantum physics.

Interaction with a science researcher to understand the importance of achieving Full-Body Interaction in design

Interaction with Books, Writers and latest Information

With technology today, besides reading the book, I can find online interviews with writers and also watch the videos they have created that shares information I am looking for in my research on the topic of Human Consciousness. It is a very broad and deep subject that may take one a long time to research. For me it's easy due to my constant active interaction with so many people of so many backgrounds or countries. Plus online, I'm very very fast to interact with another person I'm interested in to share/exchange knowledge and experiences with. For Avraham Gileadi, we can just go to his website to learn more.

Interaction online with a Dutchman Michael Rogge

When the Pandemic started in early 2020 in Malaysia, I spent more time online to interact with an extraordinary man named Michael Rogge who had similar interest as mine in writing/sharing online. He was more professional as a photographer and video grapher online shared here for his videos and here for his writings. My personal journal covering our new found online relationship during the Chinese New Year celebration is found here. Check out his YouTube video about his latest interest in UFO research!

Interaction with controller type person/s or companies who won't follow the Law

Blue Boy Mansion case - Click here for Journal of legal case won

Merdeka View Apartment - Click here for Journal of the beginnings of a legal case over time.

Click here for local news where complaints against management has started.

I always have good interaction with professional lawyers and many others who are specialists in what they do to engage them knowing they will achieve the goals I desire.

Same way of how others seek me to achieve their goals as shared in newsprints found at

Interaction with two Book Writers

The first was with Dr Barbara Hong from Brigham Young University Hawaii and the second was with Dr Jordan Peterson from University of Toronto Canada.

Interaction of the Body and Mind

The old saying Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is certainly true!

Interaction within our complex Body System

I was a pure science student in middle or secondary school where biology was one of my favorite subjects. In Malaysia, I learned that most Indians were very good in this subject like my biology teacher and I came to learn that many specialists in the medical profession or professors in the school of medicine were of Indian descent too. I loved biology as it helped me understand my own body to be aware that there were many complex systems making up the human body and there were many interactions going on within the body between the different systems as the video above explains. Click here for a video presented by a westerner.

Besides biology, I also studied chemistry and physics to learn too there existed known interactions where mixing certain chemicals together could create a 'sting bomb'. In physics I could understand electro magnetism and it's application in dynamos in engines and generators. When I went to business school at a University in Australia, I picked studying computer science to be my major together with accounting. All these sciences teach me the interactions involved in Life with my Body, Mind & Spirit!

Interaction for my oldest son so that he can be prepared for the future

The future came about quickly when he received a scholarship from Yale-NUS in Singapore for a 4 year Liberal Arts program. This is a unique program to me as they study a very broad field of subjects but only decide on a major in the last year where he chose 'Computer Science'! In this video we can see he also chose his future bride. They were to be married in Toronto Canada where she lives and is doing a medical program with a wedding planned in June 2020 but the pandemic disrupted everything!

Interaction in public speaking

I joined a local Toastmasters club named ITC Bintang for many years that was near my office in Bukit Bintang. I was also elected a club the President in one of the years when I was very busy with my frequent travels to US where I had to later leave KL altogether due to a family crisis explained in this video.

As Malaysia is a conservative country, 3 topics are banned for speeches in the club. namely Sex, Politics & Religion as it may offend listeners. For me I interpreted these 3 domains of life as Body, Mind & Spirit of life or nature! It was Plato the philosopher of the western world who named this tripartite nature of Man. Click each of the domains of life that leads to a journal to understand how they relate to me. Body represents the importance of relationships or family where Plato related it to APPETITE. Mind is for reason or intellect where Plato related it to REASON. Spirit was to represent the intelligence of MEANING. (Ref)

Interaction with with those who suffer from Mild or Serious case of Mental Illness

During my life time, I have have interacted with compassion with a number of people who suffer from mental illness from mild to more severe cases. As one who has been recording my life experiences in journals, I can share some experiences here that has a success story of recovery. The above video is from the General Conference of our Church in Oct 2021 that is very relevant to me during our pandemic era where I am aware of rising number of victims. As early as 2018, I kept note of this article by our church leader President Dallin H. Oaks who quoted, "...scholars reported in 2014 that one in five of the U.S. population between the ages of 18 to 25 had a mental illness."

Our family's favorite comedian suffered from such an illness:

Interaction with Feelings

Feelings have always driven me in my life time as long as I can remember as a child. Since young, I found it tough to remember words, facts or numbers but never forgot my feelings in life. I went through school and academia to prove to myself or have the feelings of success, that I can do it. Miracles happened in my life purely due to Feelings and the 2 years of our Science 2 class in St.John's Institution in 1974 & 75 forever embedded in me the power of Feelings. With the close interactions we had among the students of the class & teachers without 'Social Media' then I must emphasize, interacting with boys from other classes too, it shaped our lives! 

I hereby announce that I like to help all the Science 2 class boys and our other Johannians in our year we are close to, even the girls of Form 6, to do a virtual get together online celebration of warm "Feelings" we all can remember, before the year ends on 31 Dec 2021 or anytime during our Pandemic Era. Start feeling and thinking to submit your media contents to me, which is easy to do today. No Pandemic can kill our genuine "Feelings" of love and friendship for one another! Use Facebook, WhatsApp or latest Telegram especially to send all media content to me because they don't consume any data on my phone or computer or disappear over time! Sun Fu Chong is my online name in all my apps! Terima Kasih! (Note: To refer to any other SJI friend for this online "Feelings" project, here is the permanent link to this announcement: (

Interaction with law, science & victims of COVID-19 vaccinations finally exposes the TRUTH!

Click here to see how another independent person fully exposes the background of who started experimenting with vaccines for gain or profit with grounds to file billion dollar lawsuits against Pfizer!

Before moving on to my next journal on 'The Power of Reason' which will focus on the Brain and Mind, watch this video to note that "Interaction" is mentioned thrice from 4.38mins, then 7mins and finally 8.58mins onwards!

Interaction with Family and Friends through Facebook

Interaction lessons with people

Click here for more information about the speaker and to view her other videos.

Interaction with our Mind

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