Is the Pen mightier than the Sword?

Advancement in technology would have me answer, “Not necessarily but add photos, videos and the internet, it certainly would definitely be mightier!” Thus my purpose to Connect, Synergize and Futurize readers of my journals is to arm them with how to get the best thoughts and best actions possible. This I do by sharing the findings of my continuing research on Optimal Performance and Thinking In ONeself or OrgaNizationS, an option or options for the world! Read on therefore the posts that follows and may you find an option for yourself to live in the world, make optimal personal progress and keep yourself happy and those around you as well.

Introduction to a world of Perception, Action and Reflection

This is precisely what the CSF Journals are about, the perceptions, actions and reflections of my life that has led me to start a Community Service First initiative as my contribution to humanity. This is a series of journals incorporating my interest to Connect, Synergize and Futurize with the community or communities that I can be of assistance. Let me share with you my feelings right at this moment of life. As I scan my brain and my heart of years of accumulated thoughts and feelings, my output is as follows : My life has been one of continuous learning, appreciating, improving and sharing. Learning helps me improve my thinking while appreciating helps me improve my feelings. Thinking and Feeling develops my Perception which when shared to the world comes in the form of my Actions in life. Reflections serve as a sharpening exercise from the feedback that is received which can further improve my thinking and feelings so that a cycle of Perception, Action and Reflection can be

Connectivity increases Intelligence through the subconscious mind

I remember the world that I was first introduced to. It was a safe place where I had caring parents who seem to take care of everything in the world that I lived. The world then was the home in which I lived where I had learnt the basics of life. From the baby cot to the boundary of the house, I grew progressively to connect to all that is around me. Much of my learning seemed to be of the unconscious kind in the sense that I wasn’t receiving formal instructions but through my own senses, I began to pick up certain patterns that became not only useful for me but made the world regard me as more intelligent. I guess my first cry as a baby must have been a sign of relief for the person who delivered me as well as my parents to know that I was going to be a normal child who could express himself. My connectivity with my parents, siblings and others around me in my home soon helped me picked up a more formal language of communication. I had learnt not just the English language but severa

Performance depends on several factors

The formula Performance = Abilities + Circumstances + Motivation rings true for many in life. It appeared that my natural abilities were not useful when I had to leave home to be formally educated. My development was slow in the beginning as it took time for me to adjust from my natural way of learning to one that was based on tests or the punishment and reward system, which never motivated me then nor to this day. I remember the strict school that I was transferred to where at every year end, the school principal would have all the classes in the same level to assemble in the school hall. The names of the top students would be called and they would appear in front of everyone to receive a standing ovation. Then when all the clapping was over, the boy who failed the most subjects and was last in position in the whole level would be called to appear. He would receive a stroke of the cane from the principal for every subject he failed. For some reason, this boy who wore a turban, bein

Our progressive connection to the world and beyond

Before we were born, we were already connected physically to our mothers through an umbilical cord for food and nourishment. In another sense, we are connected to our parents through our genetic inheritance of numerous characteristics of our race so whether we have brown or blue eyes is a matter of our connection to our ancestry. Great grandfather on the left and his great-grandson on the right  Even in the womb, we are connected with the outside world as any polluted food, water or air through our mothers’ intake inevitably comes to us. How about the variety of stimuli that we could feel as we are connected to our mothers? Imagine the dreams, happiness, and joy together with the anxieties, fears, and apprehensions of our mothers that could be possibly felt by us through our connectivity? After we are born, nature and nurture continue to influence our characters. Both the conscious and subconscious mind is fed with a host of information first through our interaction with family,

The Mind-Body connection to everything via sub-atomic particles

My research on Optimal Performance and Thinking finally connected to the topic of Energy and here is the simple explanation. If we want to analyze anything, we need to break down the matter to more details to understand the detailed processes involved. What can be more detailed than the understanding of subatomic particles? Most would think that the source of the energy in our bodies is a process of chemistry within. We think of the metabolism or break down of the food we eat to become energy to be stored or used for our body needs. I remember vividly in my chemistry class at school in the mid-70s that we were taught the Periodic Table at school. This was my first introduction to the understanding that chemical elements were made up of atoms, the basic unit of matter. These elements were further made up of protons, neutrons and electrons and the Periodic Table was a ranking of the number of protons each element possessed in its nucleus. It didn't mean much to us as students then

World of Change

Living in a world of change seems chaotic for most with a doomsday belief for some. Some go to the extent of being a suicide bomber to kill others and themselves as a solution to the problems they are facing. To me, the energy level in the person could have been put to better use for if he could live for another 5 years to help change lives for the better, he would certainly have contributed far more than taking his own life. On the other extreme, most would have energy levels applied only to preserve themselves. They carry on with the status quo, believing that they must take care of themselves first. They will stick to what was good for them in the past thinking it will continue to be good for them today and the future. In a world of continuous change, such beliefs are only fatalistic not only for themselves but also others. The truth is if we do not change to improve ourselves, the tide of change will wipe us out like a Tsunami. Now let it be clear that I am not against anyone w