Connectivity increases Intelligence through the subconscious mind

I remember the world that I was first introduced to. It was a safe place where I had caring parents who seem to take care of everything in the world that I lived. The world then was the home in which I lived where I had learnt the basics of life. From the baby cot to the boundary of the house, I grew progressively to connect to all that is around me. Much of my learning seemed to be of the unconscious kind in the sense that I wasn’t receiving formal instructions but through my own senses, I began to pick up certain patterns that became not only useful for me but made the world regard me as more intelligent.

I guess my first cry as a baby must have been a sign of relief for the person who delivered me as well as my parents to know that I was going to be a normal child who could express himself. My connectivity with my parents, siblings and others around me in my home soon helped me picked up a more formal language of communication. I had learnt not just the English language but several dialects of the Chinese language that was spoken in my home and later the Malay language at school. It was interesting to discover that when I went to school to be formally taught the English language with all its rules of grammar, adjectives, verbs, nouns, pronouns, tenses, singular and plural etc I only got more confused and somehow stuck on with what my intuition tells me to be correct rather than referring to all the basic rules. Somehow, I had connected with tones, meanings and the pattern of flow which made me become proficient in the language. I truly did not master the language because of my conscious study of rules which if anything was only more confusing due to the many exceptions.

I had similar experiences in my learning of music. As my parents could not afford a piano for me or perhaps was not in the priority of things to be learnt then, I picked up music on my own primarily just by using my senses again. I would listen to a tune of music and can repeat it in my mind after which learning to whistle enabled me to ‘play back’ many wonderful songs I have heard. Soon I had my hands on cheaper instruments such as the harmonica, the flute and even the guitar in my youth. Interestingly again, when I only had the opportunity for music lessons later in my youth at school, I found it a struggle to remember all the rules of music. The theory of music seemed to only constrict me from playing any music I wanted to as I would have to find the notes for the music that I wanted to play and couldn’t. The world tends to make the rule as, you are only to use what you are consciously taught and forget the subconscious. Put in another way, you are to be obedient to rules that are clear and proven and not dwell on unknowns or the undefined.

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