Faith versus Fear. Applying connectivity concept of energy and the mind to increase faith and reduce fear.

Fear can be said to be part of an automated response system built into our being for a good purpose and generally that is to prevent Man from hurting himself when confronted with a situation where the body senses there is a danger. Faith on the other hand I perceive is not something that is part of an automated response system but involves a higher faculty of the mind, especially for adults. Why I say especially for adults is that for children, faith seems to come naturally when their higher faculties of the mind are not mature yet. Yet they seem to exercise childlike faith but that is attributed mainly to the fact that they are new in experiencing the world and in learning. Therefore they develop a natural faith to accept what is new with little knowledge or experience of fear. It is through time that fear develops as children personally experience danger or are conditioned by the parents to fear many things that they have not experienced personally yet so that they will be more careful to avoid future dangers. Childlike faith when referenced is also often to do with the humility of the child to obey their parents willingly which is not common in grown adults.

So when I talk about Faith, I would discuss it in the context of adults who already have experienced themselves what danger is or have developed a mindset of fear due to long term conditioning by others. For an adult to develop faith, it would then surely require the higher faculties of his mind to overcome fear and possess strong faith to tread through difficult paths that he knows can be dangerous or painful. So how does one develop such faith? Is faith similar to developing a belief in something?

I remember a definition of faith taught in Sunday school class that is useful to help differentiate faith from belief. Faith is said to be action-orientated while belief only involves a set of thinking without any action. With reference back to the energy concept of our mind, that our thinking can change our energy levels, the concept of faith seems to possess more energy to propel action compared to a belief that seems to be more like a passive thought held in the mind. To psyche up our mind to have such powerful faith that can produce such high levels of energy would be one way of achieving our objective of having greater faith and higher energy level of performance. That would seem difficult and complexed that starts off from one having a positive mental attitude (PMA) and continual self talk with support of others to eventually create a powerful faith in self to propel action. Furthermore, it will also take time as fear is oftentimes too strong an obstacle to overcome.

Applying the principle of connectivity of the mind with energy and everything else, what if we applied physical energy to Do It which connects to our mind and creates the Faith that we were seeking for? Can the reverse bring result? Meaning instead of developing thinking that creates high energy levels to propel the action, we initiate action by a decisive thought which increases energy level from our action that travels back to our mind to create strong Faith instead? Answer: It can as per the connectivity concept of life. We just need to observe and understand the nature of the relationship in the connection. In my life, I have observed countless times that decisive action immediately gives me stronger faith to accomplish difficult or almost impossible tasks. Physical action and real experience seem to be able to shape my brain and hence my mind to higher levels of performance.

In short, if you Fear something and wish for the faith to be able to do it, I say "Do it Anyway" and the faith will come much quicker. That is what I have learnt from the experiences of my life. Experience does shape the Mind and our Brain!


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