On Politics, Freedom and Harmony in Singapore

2014 Film on some political history of Singapore:
Film banned in Singapore, "To Singapore with Love"

From the film's website www.tosingaporewithlove.com. I happened to be at at an international conference in Kuala Lumpur where Ang Swee Chai, wife of the late Francis Khoo was present. I had a chance to share my views recorded in a video here. 

27 Feb 2012
A peek into the life of Chee Soon Juan, a Singapore Politician (Wiki info)

Tharman Shanmugaratnam (SG), Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance of Singapore
Topic Leader: Stephen Sackur (GB), Presenter, BBC HARDtalk

The recent departure of Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore on 23 March 2015 sparks of the beginning of this post and probably the ending of my writings on world and local politics. It started with the objective of seeking optimal answers for resolving current world problems of people living in their own countries to find peace and economic success. The Story of Singapore under the leadership of a brilliant statesman such as Mr Lee has won the repect of many locally and abroad. While I was out of Singapore on the day of his death and during the week of mourning that followed, much of proceedings, marks of respects, speeches and the atmosphere on the island state was well captured via online news, photographs and videos whereby some are shared on my family post here.

Meanwhile some enlightening articles were found about Singapore while I was in Kuantan in June 2015 such as one by David Lim.  This is a two part story of Singapore that he has written very well as a fair assessment of Singapore today entitled. "The Singapore Story, part 2: Where Lee Kuan Yew got it wrong."

After reading the Part 2, the reader should also read Part 1 entitled, "The Singapore Story: Four Things Lee Kuan Yew Got Right."

I feel that the above two brief articles by David Lim are sufficient to describe the state of Politics, Freedom and Harmony in Singapore that was intended when this post started. Meanwhile time needs to be provided to cover unprecedented events happening in Malaysia at this time in another post.

Meanwhile some collections of well written political/economic commentary about Singapore can be found below -

The Economist - The Singapore Exception


Sen Foundation 2014 paper - The Singaporean Development Model

23 June 2020
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - PM Lee Hsien Loong calls to dissolve Parliament

29 June 2020
Read wiki's information of Lee Hsien Yang here.

Read what The Star writes here.

11 Sep 2020
A Singaporean convicted by law to organize a public protest in Singapore

26 Jan 2021
Click on the photo below or this link to read how Singapore's politics is evolving:

14 Mar 2021
US-China relations


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