Our progressive connection to the world and beyond

Before we were born, we were already connected physically to our mothers through an umbilical cord for food and nourishment. In another sense, we are connected to our parents through our genetic inheritance of numerous characteristics of our race so whether we have brown or blue eyes is a matter of our connection to our ancestry.

Great grandfather on the left and his great-grandson on the right 

Even in the womb, we are connected with the outside world as any polluted food, water or air through our mothers’ intake inevitably comes to us. How about the variety of stimuli that we could feel as we are connected to our mothers? Imagine the dreams, happiness, and joy together with the anxieties, fears, and apprehensions of our mothers that could be possibly felt by us through our connectivity? After we are born, nature and nurture continue to influence our characters. Both the conscious and subconscious mind is fed with a host of information first through our interaction with family, friends, teachers and today through every channel of media that can reach us which is a lot more than in the past.

In trying to find the links or connections to unexplainable phenomena I’ve experienced in the world, my research took me to various disciplines of Science, the Arts, Computers, Sociology, Philosophy and Religion. What was most challenging to me is the field of quantum physics and the study of subatomic particles. My conscious mind had been telling me that I needed to understand more about the source of Energy. Energy is something I know I have a lot of and has made me the kind of self-driven person I am but it is only of late that I am beginning to be more curious about it. Prior to that, sickness in my family has aroused my interest to study all the methods of prevention or cure advocated in the world today which are many including energy healing.

From my early research, I can begin to relate to much of the unexplainable that has occurred to me in my life. It is from there that I could better understand how I could communicate to animals, specifically dogs ever since I was young till my middle age now. Then there are the healing powers that I have exercised personally and those witnessed by others which I had always kept as sacred but with the underlying curiosity of its workings. It has helped me understand the wonders of eastern martial arts together with the alternative medical cures of eastern culture, both of which I have experience in my lifetime.

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