America's Politics and Economics

Basics in American Politics:

The Constitution sets up the Unitied States as a republic, not a democracy. The video lecture below covers the difference between a democracy and a republic and why it's so important:

This is a clear and simply video that provides a basic explanation of why US us a Republic. 
The System of Money: Learn how banks who control the money supply work.

The Pandora Papers: How the world of offshore finance is still flourishing

Role of Federal Reserve, Money and importance of Economics:

During the Term of George W. Bush 2001- 2009

During the Term of Barrack Obama 2009- 2017

Could Obama be the one who motivated Trump to fight hard against the Democrats as suggested by this video?

April 2016
Obama giving his 8th and final White House correspondents' dinner speech that is hilarious

Note the point below at the beginning of the video when Snowden talked about whether the law is made for justice or morality.

(Note: Edward Snowden was questioned about his comments on Russia being respected for human rights. He clarified by saying it was quoted out of context and he meant the people of Russia, not the Government. According to my consciousness, many politicians and governments are corrupt as they seek power and fame to enrich themselves in the end. May the reader think about what I've said and think about those politicians who have served as the leader in your country who has been enjoying absolute power to see if the following statement is true,  "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.")
8 Nov 2016
From Wikipedia, Election to Presidency
On November 8, 2016, Trump received 306 pledged electoral votes versus 232 for Clinton. The official counts were 304 and 227 respectively, after defections on both sides.[451] Trump received a smaller share of the popular vote than Clinton, which made him the fifth person to be elected president while losing the popular vote.[452][nb 3] Clinton was ahead nationwide by 2.1 percentage points, with 65,853,514 votes (48.18%) to 62,984,828 votes (46.09%); neither candidate reached a majority.[455]
Trump's victory was considered a stunning political upset by most observers, as polls had consistently showed Hillary Clinton with a nationwide—though diminishing—lead, as well as a favorable advantage in most of the competitive states. Trump's support had been modestly underestimated throughout his campaign,[456] and many observers blamed errors in polls, partially attributed to pollsters overestimating Clinton's support among well-educated and nonwhite voters, while underestimating Trump's support among white working-class voters.[457] Actually, the polls were relatively accurate,[458] but media outlets and pundits alike showed overconfidence in a Clinton victory despite a large number of undecided voters and a favorable concentration of Trump's core constituencies in competitive states.[459]
Trump won 30 states, including MichiganPennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which had been called a blue wall of Democratic strongholds since the 1990s. Clinton won 20 states and the District of Columbia. Trump's victory marked the return of a Republican White House combined with control of both chambers of Congress.
Trump is the wealthiest president in U.S. history, even after adjusting for inflation.[460] He is also the first president without prior government or military service.[461][462][463] Of the 43[nb 4] previous presidents, 38 had held prior elective office, two had not held elective office but had served in the Cabinet, and three had never held public office but had been commanding generals.[463]
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Click on the comments icon above to see more posts made
Jan 2017
On Hilary Clinton

Feb 2017 
America's view on China investing to build a port in Malaysia :

Mar 2017
Documentary on US economics and finance :

There is a part in the video that suggests the political process must change in order for the economic system to change.

Apr 2017
Side note: Felt the impression to share about Ben Carson whose name came into my Consciousness in 2015:

Note on Ben Carson :  I first read his book in Aug 2015 when I borrowed it from Merlin Weekes while in his home of Orem Utah.

I returned the book to Merlin when I met him and his wife Bonnie in a family reunion trip in Utah in June 2016, less than a year later since I borrowed it. By that time, Donald Trump had become the Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party.

May 2017
Disturbing news of conspiracies in US politics :
Sally Yates testifying against Michael Flyn - Click here to read and watch her videos.

Murder of Democratic National Committee staf Seth Rich latest findings - Click here to read and watch the video.

21 May 2017
President Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia


7 Nov 2017
How is the economy of USA a year later after Trump's administration
Click here to find out

30 Jan 2018
I have let time elapse to update this blog post. The US being today's Superpower of the world is a smart nation as well as being complex in its political system. As I had started to intensify and focus my research in mid 2017 to publish my first book with hope in 2018, I didn't spend time to update this post as there has been too much to cover if one wanted to follow the political news of the USA. 

Due to my intense research of the past 6 months or more, I covered some good writings of Mortimer J. Adler and found this very good video of his dialogue with students that will help one understand the Constitution of the United States and changes that occurred to make it better which is necessary to understand in order to fully understand what is happening in the political scene in the country which does not cover the economic scene of the nation :

27 Mar 2018
Kimberley Strassel on Political Corruption

10 Mar 2018

US media news attempts to link corruption of Najib to the President of US Donald Trump. Not only is the political system in US complex, so is their media system where CNN and MSNBC are showing to me clearly that their news are biased towards to Democrats in their constant attempt to influence the public with the power of their media. An example here is MSNBC news reporter style of putting doubts in he mind of the Americans that Donald Trump's acceptance of a meeting with Najib links him to corrupt practice of the Malaysian Prime Minister. The style of the show host Rachel Maddow can be watched by clicking here.

I came to understand from my American friends that many of the media owners in US are Democrats so they become obviously bias towards looking to accuse Donald Trump of many negative things in his unconventional way of running the government. I am aware that Fox News is the only independent media and their ratings have been going up as per this article here. I saw positive comments for Fox News and criticism against CNN and MSNBC and wrote comments to a Facebook friend living in the US below : 

"America needs Donald Trump to 'Trump the Swamp' or get rid of corruption in Government/Corporate Institutions and even Media as he promised in his campaign trail. Be careful about CNN or MSNBC and listen more to FOX NEWS! Put my comments against CNN and MSNBC news in a Feb 2018 ratings article about increased rating in Fox news "I am a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur who can tell of Truth versus Lies and American Media like CNN or MSNBC in My Consciousness really can create chaos in public opinions in the might of their journalists who are entitled to their opinions but need opposition to tell the public, a lot is fake news! They have pulled in our Malaysian Prime Minister's case of well publicized corruption to link against Donald Trump. it is all very very open ended. Mind you I am not an American nor do I live in America but thanks to my Eastern mind and research of Human Consciousness, I can see through what CNN and MSNBC media is trying to do. America is very Creative to create fantasy movies and news is my opinion that can sway the less discerning public to change opinions, via the power of media. This is DANGEROUS! Plato, author of the Republic taught about the Tripartite entity of soul, Appetites, Reason and Spirit. Sorry I may not be politically correct to say, Americans need to follow what is printed in the American dollar, "In God we Trust"! America needs to have more Spirit which created the Nation! Remember I'm an Easterner or Asian, NOT AMERICAN!" 

I came across this Fox News interview video that shows that the other Media heavily opposed to Donald Trump are trying to show the Chaos nature of Donald Trump's administration.

June 2018

Trump flew to Canada for the G7 summit meeting before flying to Singapore to meet the North Korean president.

Fox News reflect that Trump is fulfilling his election pledge to "Trump the Swamp" in Institutions not only in the USA but in all the World :

August 2018

Revelations of how corrupt News Media can be in the USA:

6 Oct 2018
A close American friend shared this video on Fox News, a shorter version. I decided to watch a YouTube video of the same speech in a longer version covering more of her speech, to fully understand the whole matter, but programmed it to start at a part relevant to me as a researcher of Human Consciousness, especially my own.

Click to start the longer version of the video below and it will jump to 25:03 minutes of the video. If you listen/watch it for just a couple of minutes to end at 27:09 minutes, you will hear her mention about "American Consciousness." It is about a candidate, Judge Kavanaugh, who was nominated to be a Supreme Court judge by the Republican party but found obstacles due to the appearance Professor Ford with claims of experiencing sexual assault by Kavanaugh going back when they were minors in their teenage years.

The above video was removed from YouTube by the owner. This can be done for various reasons. An alternative video is found below:

With the new video, click at 30:11 or here to listen to Senator Susan Collins' short speech that refers to the "American Consciousness" about a couple of minutes later. I feel comfortable to state that in listening to her entire video, or this short couple of minutes particularly, reflects my Consciousness too of how I would personally investigate the same situation if the responsibility was given to me.

I share this as an evidence to the public that my research on the theme of Human Consciousness has led me to find so much relevant knowledge to what I want to know about the American or US Society. Maintaining this journal is part of that effort. 

Yes over my lifetime I have flown to the US just over 25 times according to the documentation for my online journals that have been published. I have also lived in this country of Malaysia for just over 60 years on this day or week of celebrations documented here. It has given me the advantage to update My Consciousness of the Western World where the country I am born in was a former British Colony thus allowing me to learn English when young. I was naturally exposed to the Western culture of using the fork and spoon and growing up with the politics of democracy. Last but not least was to have an education that not only allowed me to be an intelligent person as opposed to being an intellectual person. Today I am grateful to be able to enjoy a journey of lifelong learning due to western technology that I can produce this journal with the use of a timed video presentation above.

In my research of US Political practices or culture, this case confirms my consciousness that Politics has become like Religions in general in the United States. Truth doesn't seem to matter except who wins in the end or which group can win the other group by way of popular vote instead of basic foundational love of truth and its value in our society. Senator Susan Collins delivered a clear and truthful speech. She boldly declared that the politically charged atmosphere in nominating a Supreme court judge has made it difficult to separate fact from fiction and it is not merely a case of different groups having different opinions. It is a case of people bearing extreme "ill will" towards those who disagree with them. This can be viewed and heard by clicking here to see that part of the timed video or watch the video below that expresses what I've gathered about some American consciousness:

I have online contacts with American friends too to seek their views and one was from Malaysia living in Washington state. When I shared the video of the Judge Kavanaugh, I was surprised my friend quickly replied that it was a 'red herring' I was fooled by and made me wonder if he did listen through the whole video intently as I did. Surely a Senate session cannot be regarded as a red herring or political/media distraction and I wondered if he realized it was the Democrats who wanted to put Professor Ford's case into the public as Professor Ford didn't want to expose herself to the public and someone behind the scene exposed her private letter and neither did her lawyer advise her that she could talk in private instead of facing the whole Senate floor! If it was meant to be a red herring from the Democrats side as the four witnesses she named testified they don't remember anything of the sex scene claimed and one testified that she didn't even know Professor Ford.

Furthermore, it looked like the red herring had backfired for the Democrats. The character assassination attempt by the Democrats on Judge Kavanaugh backfired on popular former Democratic governor Phil Bredesen in the senate race in Tennessee against Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn as reported in The Washington Post. 

My life long learning habits go beyond listening and watching media presentations. My favorite is personal engagement with people who can share their experiences with me to get a feel of what is actually happening on the ground. The topic of Sexist culture or application of laws to curb it seem to come to my awareness on this month of October 2018. First, it was the friend who referred me to the Fox News that made me watch it. He happened to visit Malaysia in early October too. This was the time when my family members were coming for a family reunion in Kuala Lumpur where my 2 daughters live in the US married to spouses born in the US. I would have questions and dialogues with my American son-in-law who has an MBA who surprising shared that he was experiencing Sexist claims by employees in his company where he works that has gone to the media!

(Note: I'm making the above experience for remembrance of how through patience, love and understanding, one like an ordinary person like me with an optimized Consciousness can unravel the mysteries of complex America in their politics, intellects and fake news spread in the very media created by their scientists and intelligent people)

Body Mind Spirit loss by Men in America:
My Consciousness approach to understanding Life is mentioned

24 Feb 2019
US sues Huawei

27 Mar 2019
Mueller Report - Donald Trump in Fox News

19 Apr 2019

Support for Trump by a University Professor Victor Davis Hanson 

22 Nov 2019
Kimberley Strassel | The Resurgence of Socialism Today

18 Dec 2019
How are the Republicans and Donald Trump doing?

16 Jan 2020

Consciousness of an American woman about China:

21 Mar 2020
Common Sense video appropriate for CSF Journals that praises Common Sense Factors:

12 May 2020
Obama and Hilary Clinton apparently are being implicated:

Timeline news of Michael Flynn published from March 2016 to year 2020:

Timeline of Michael Flynn's case can be viewed by clicking above pic or here.

1 June 2020
Nationwide protests with violence and looting

12 June 2020
FBI misconduct

Different opinions of the main media about streets protests and takeover of an area in the city of Seattle:

Fox News portraying citizens with guns as protesters created their own new country in a section of Seattle city!

CNN news portraying protesters having peaceful demonstration and not trying to created a separate country/state!  The New York Times that is known to be on the side of the liberal left has its coverage on CHAZ here. 

Click here to see below how CNN news differ from FOX news even after the elections were over!

It is note worthy at this point to refer to the term left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican is best understood in this Wikipedia post that explains variations found in different countries or areas like Europe and the USA for example.

21 June 2020

Interesting to note that Singapore Prime Minister announces his decision to dissolve parliament to call for General Election in a live telecast on 23 June 2020 (Singapore date)

22 June 2020
Attorney General William Barr discusses the 2020 election, John Bolton's memoir and the Durham investigation in part two of his exclusive interview on 'Sunday Morning Futures.

1 July 2020
New candidates from the Republican party supporting Donald Trump, one being from Utah

18 Aug 2020
American professor with Canadian roots with good information about America's struggle with a good knowledge of history of the world and that of the USA

3 Sep 2020
BBC News article

23 Sep 2020
Comparison of Joe Biden and Donald Trump

12 Oct 2020
Democrats launch bizarre attack at confirmation hearing

14 Oct 2020
Senator Ted Cruz takes down Democrats during Justice Barrett confirmation hearing

22 Oct 2020
The answer to why Americans are so deeply polarized in their politics. As revealed in the latest problem highlighted in the Netflix movie "Social Dilemma" caused by systematic brain washing by media using "Idealogy" tactics shared in this independent video:

A Jewish speaker highlights the same problem above read here with a video of his talk.

28 Oct 2020
Twitter, Facebook and other social media in a Senate hearing reveals they actually block genuine posts from New York Times to go public if the news negatively affects the Democrat's election candidates!

2 Nov 2020
Predictions whether Trump will win or lose the 2020 elections:

Trump will lose by Professor Litchman

Trump will win by Newt Gingrich

Commentary from the Catholics from Australia where I had received my tertiary education:

4 Nov 2020
This is the date in Malaysia while it's 3 Nov in US, Election Day and I happened to watch these videos:

...about a prophecy that those against pro life will lose the election! I'm staying up to watch the election commentaries and the final result!

...about how the Democrats fell short in bid to impose new 'system' on America interesting non-current video about a bit of history of US politics from the founding fathers era to 2017 with good recommendations

...about why polarization has heightened in U.S. Politics

5 Nov 2020
Psychologist view by Jordan Peterson

CSF: Very Good explanation of the view of entrepreneurs of needing to go to the left to be liberal as they are creative then the need to go to the right to be conservative to create order. Ancient China's Yin-Yang depict this as per this Ted video.

10 Nov 2020
Joe Biden won the election but there seems to be valid questions to be answered:

During the COVID-19 pandemic era, as I continue to research American Politics and Economics as an outsider in this post, I found it way complicating. So recently, I created that brought back Spirituality into the Sciences to help me better understand the thinking of Americans in general.

In the new website, one will find links to other websites I have created that contain my various other journals I have been maintaining for the past over 40 years of my life. They are based on my experience and consciousness of our world that I've been self-reflecting to be regarded as my personal life long research for better understanding of everything if it is ever possible!

My research on the world number 1 nation of the world continues. I have also given attention to write journals on Malaysia & Singapore where I and my wife were born respectively. Last but not least, China was included in the process of tracing our roots through genealogical research. 

My journals of USA continues...

24 Nov 2020

1 Dec 2020
Neurohackers advice on What We Must Do to Stop the End of Civilization by Daniel Schmachtenberger

Click here to view the end part of a long video that explains why or how I use Social Media in my research of Human Consciousness to be surprised that Donald Trump was mentioned in the context of a new term I learned called Antifragility. Beware of the common usage of swear words in American media today!

3 Dec 2020
 America will hear election fraud evidence in Nevada court. End results.

1 Jan 2021
An old video dated in July of 2020 about 5 months ago that I appreciate viewing to better understand the US Constitution that is quite complex but makes good sense to me of the views of the Founding Fathers of America! I love intellectual discussions, not political ones and always make my own opinion based on research I have done on the more important foundation or rationale that exists. I do my best to avoid making bias decisions like supporting a favorite sports team based on emotions. Politics unlike Sports have different or more important objectives for the welfare of the people of a country.

I fully realize as my first post at the top of this journal that the US is a Republic, not a Democracy.


17 Jan 2021

American Politics have become a little violent and to show how CNN continues to further support the Liberals in Politics as opposite to the conservative Republicans supported by Fox News, study the expressions of these new casters on CNN news on this date

I don't have to share any more Fox News reports about CNN's pure biasness but take a look at this video about a book recently released by Trump's press secretary and simply judge her by her facial and verbal expressions as well as content shared on this same day of 17 Jan 2021

26 Jan 2021
Something different on the view of US Politics from Jordan Peterson

13 Feb 2021
Fox News - Trump acquitted in 2nd Impeachment Trial

CNN News - Opposite view of the 2nd Impeachment Trial

Click here to see above another example of the opposite views of Fox and CNN news covering the riots in the US.

15 Feb 2021
Attorney For President Trump Confronts Dem Media Over Doctored Evidence

Click here or the photo above to read and watch the videos on what happened at Trump's 2nd impeachment trial where he was acquitted.

I like to conclude this political journal of the US as I believe after having taken time to keep up with the US politics for the past 20 years starting from George W, Bush (2001-2009) as president of the United States, I believe I am aware what has been going on there. US is definitely polarized in it's politics which may have started from the Universities with their professors and state inclinations as how they like to be governed. 

The freedom of Press that the US enjoys. I have highlighted the different press angles of CNN, a very large network representing liberals found even in Malaysia, and the smaller Fox News representing the conservatives. 

Donald Trump lost the 2020 elections and this latest information I became aware of about the Lincoln Project and the huge sums of funding to get rid of Trump is clear revelation to me on what politics in the USA has become today. Strangely from the article of the Lincoln Project shared in the link, I read that there were Republicans in the project, "“We are Republicans, and we want Trump defeated,” four of its co-founders wrote in The New York Times. The organization would go on to raise nearly $90 million for its stated mission of defeating Donald Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box in 2020.

Here is a video from 60 minutes:

I don't have to rely on views of social media news alone and turning to Wikipedia is sufficient. CNN seems to have always been creative to sell opposite news to what Fox creates as shared in a few links found in my journal above. Somehow CNN has been silent to comment on the Lincoln Project until in late February 2021 to come up with this video released and this news.

Corruption in Governments and Politicians with the support of the press obviously makes democracy of the free world a problem! 

31 Mar 2021
CNN News covering challenges of the Biden Administration

20 Apr 2021
Trump on Fox News with 'Hannity' about considering a 2024 presidential run

17 May 2021
Dialogue with Professor Kishore Mahbubani: The future of US-China relations - Has China Won?

5 June 2021
Latest on Covid-19 through US Fox News on Dr Fauzi

Whatever the outcome of the US political contention is, the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia that started in March 2020 had a spike in the month of May 2021. The country had the most stringent lockdown that started in June 1st with large scale vaccination process implemented by the local government. We lost a dear friend of our family who died of the virus shared in this memorial post.

7 Jun 2021
Kirstie Alley calls out 'psycho' Hollywood politics on 'Tucker Carlson Today'

Cheers was my favorite comedy series I would watch in the 80s after I got married. It's nice to watch all the Cheers Cast "Then and Now" today here.

Exclusive interview with former president Trump
June 2021

To be continued here.


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