The Power of Reason

This 'The Thinker' statue by Rodin is a good introduction to the human brain or mind which is also seen in a video at the end of 'The Power of Interaction' journal.

The Power of Reason helped me achieve the following:

I call it today as 'Objective Reasoning', a path of Academia I was well prepared for as one born in the 50s. I just had to memorize all that was taught to me, according to a set of published curriculum, to be able to answer questions posed to me in the official examinations. 

I basically fulfilled what my Father desired from education as he himself, coming from a poor financial background, climbed his way up through Academia with scholarships to study in the United Kingdom and later to Holland for an advance course in photogrammetric engineering. Being born in 1921 in the era of British Malaya, he became the father of 5 boys where he knew how to guide them through the education system that he was well versed but maybe didn't have to worry about last one that is me!

They had opportunities to go overseas for their tertiary education following the British system of education, with the oldest son to the UK, second to New Zealand on a Colombo plan scholarship, third in our local University Malaya who later went to the UK too for a specialist program, fourth to the UK. The British were the last of the Western superpower country who dominated the world to spread the use of English language especially in South East Asian countries they colonized. together with their western reasoning abilities. Before them were the Dutch and earliest were the Portuguese where both parties landed in the Malayan peninsula creating a thriving international port in Melaka that was reported to speak 80 languages or more.

With the spread of advanced technology attributed to the increased Power of Reason world wide, new world powers arose such as Germany in Western Europe, Japan in East Asia and the United States of America in a new continent of America somehow previously hidden from the western world!

It was the USA that introduced to me what I call 'Subjective Reasoning' which allowed me to widen my horizon into the world of information technology and constant change!

Power of Emotional Intelligence

This opened up a whole new area of interest and intelligence to me. It changed my whole life to give up what I was professionally trained for explained in detail here.

When I started to embark into the online world, I felt comfortable to name myself "Dad the KL City Kid"( Click 'See more anyway' below & later 'Show more results' to reach the bottom of Google's record of my life) born in the Best Era Ever described by an unknown author as follows:

Born in the '50s; 
Grew up in the '60s;
Educated in the '70s;
Ventured out in the '80s;
Messed around in the '90s;
Stabilized a bit in the 2000s;
Got a bit wiser in the 2010s;
Made it to the 2020s..

We have lived in .....
EIGHT different decades,
TWO different centuries,
TWO different millennia ..

Have been through... 

    πŸ“ž->☎️πŸ“² ;  
      πŸ“½️ -> πŸ“ΊπŸ“²; 
       πŸ“»+πŸŽ™️+πŸ“€ -> YouTube, 

Gramophone player 
to Wireless Streaming.

Handwritten letters πŸ’Œ 
to email πŸ’» and WhatsAppπŸ“±

And ...
we missed the Spanish Flu 🀧 
but are on time for Covid-19 😷

Started with bell bottoms πŸ•Ί, went through "drainpipes"πŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️ 
and then settled in between. 

Walked🚢🏽‍♂️, cycled 🚴🏻‍♂️, 
rode 🏍️, drove πŸš—, 
went on train πŸš†, on sea πŸ›³️, went underground πŸš‡, 
hung in the air 🚠, surfed πŸ„πŸ»‍♀️, flew  ✈️ & now await the 
Elon Musk SpaceX πŸš€to Mars

What a life it's been πŸ₯°πŸ˜‡πŸ€­

Yes, we truly went through many more... 

🎒 πŸ›Ά ⛵ 🚁 πŸ›°️

Originally we are termed as "Baby Boomers"

.. a "cross-over generation" 
of people whose birth years
were in the 50s ....

But can be termed as "Xennials"

... and had an ⏰ πŸ”  analog childhood, 

a πŸ“€πŸ–±️πŸ–₯️ digital adulthood, and now a 'SeenAll agerπŸ‘¨πŸ»‍🦯' (Seenager)

Literally, our generation has lived through, witnessed so much and more in every dimension of life...


This is our generation that 
has given a new paradigm 
to the word "CHANGE"


We thank GodπŸ™πŸ™ for this wonderful, meaningful, amazing rollercoaster life ...  

Best wishes, my dear friends, members of an era that was, that is, that will be ..
  ~ none such as ours

Let us continue to live
our lives to the fullest, 
one day at a time!

I shared the above as it is a light hearted, not necessarily a completely accurate view of life during my life time but was close. The description, "Ventured out in the '80s" is something that resonates with me as I had turned as an adult of 21 by then and like to share the following :

Daniel Goleman published the above book in 1988 which was when I bought a copy. I have always been investing in books with subjects that are new to me to broaden my knowledge. He basically highlighted in this book the importance of Emotional Intelligence to explain why it can matter more than IQ.

In the 80s, I truly ventured out to start my own family with first marrying my good wife from Singapore in 1982, to soon have 2 daughters by 1986 and 4 more sons by 1997! I also had really "Messed around in the '90s" with computers as a pioneer in Malaysia to receive press recognition for my success in this new field. I like to mention that in the era of 'Made it to the 2020s..' I completed my own personal research on the challenging topic of 'Human Consciousness' to share my knowledge, experience and views about 'The Power of Reason.'

By this time in my life, in the era of the 'COVID-19' pandemic, I had somehow mastered the science/art of reasoning of both Objective & Subjective nature shared in Daniel Goleman's book. I can indeed contribute something to the world to better understand Consciousness which has become such a curiosity to the latest generation of the world today at my time of writing.  Scientists today can only create a subjective online program entitled, "Closer to Truth" while the Laws of the Land has a broader meaning of "The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth"
I guess I took on the challenge to break the 'Enigma Code' of our crazy but advancing modern world in the area of our Consciousness or Awareness. I like to highlight the subjective part of "Emotional Intelligence" as I believe it was an important part that helped me become a more OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking person. This could be analyzed from my life time journals at that I maintained that helped me in introspection.

Added to that are journals from my recent years of online focused research of everything related to Human Consciousness. This was very broad covering the world of quantum physics, the views of many bright philosophers past and present, developments in human brain studies including consciousness research by neuroscientists of our modern world. It would also cover non-scientific areas like mystical experiences, religions and what may be regarded as super-natural like UFOs, Mediums and strange phenomenon shared by sound-minded individuals.

My reading of the book by Daniel Goleman in the late 80s was timely. By that time I would be a father of two oldest girls followed by two younger boys with roughly 5 years apart between the pairs. I had learned so much from interacting with the girls and the boys too when they came. My own emotional intelligence jumped even a few notches higher!  We had 2 more boys born in the mid 90s to give us an even a higher EQ profile! This timed video will give the reader an idea of how the children were raised by two parents well endowed with EQ in my opinion. This may be only realized today due to my decision to get into deep research on the topic of Human Consciousness!

As we grew older, the world became more Political and I learned more about it's nature. I wasn't interested in Politics but I could easily reason out that the corruption of politicians ruling the country would not be good for it's citizens! I can say I was using my "Head and Heart" or my "Thoughts and Feelings" to come to such a conclusion. I had created this video below to show what was the reality in the streets of Kuala Lumpur:

Coincidentally, my writings and the above video were all shared before I came to Penang over 2 weeks ago at this time of writing. My Emotional Intelligence connected to my self named acquired OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking attribute or character caused me to come to this island again after a long lock-down period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This short period of time truly helped me increase my Emotional Intelligence to a few notches higher if that is ever possible. This is the EQ part of what I had from the beginning of my research on Human Consciousness identified with the Body Mind Spirit of Man. This could relate to the EQ IQ SQ of Man too. This 'Power of Reason' journal, focused on the Mind or IQ aspect of life is written amidst all the 'Interaction' activities I was active in on this Penang island trip.

I created this video below that may reflect the level of emotional intelligence I had to create it with feelings from my heart and mind!

Besides shooting the camera on others to create a video like the above, I started to turn the camera backwards where I am in it having an unprepared casual conversation with my friend from World Bank. What I discovered today as the power of interaction came through these first casual impromptu videos!

I needed no practice or rehearsals and began impromptu interviews like this one in a natural setting which happened to be on Penang island again!

I even progressed to interview the country head of Singapore's DBS bank viewed here.

More on Emotional Intelligence or Subjective Reasoning that may lead to Biasness 

The above videos are just samples of what I get from paying to subscribe to the online program of Joe Martino for my research on the subject of Human Consciousness. There are many others I found online too who were quite impressive as well and I will take some time to share on just a couple of them here on why I didn't pay to subscribe to their online programs.

In my 'busyness' in life not due to my 'business' as a Socialpreneur/consultant but with interactions usually with close friends or family members where some, very few really, who like to 'spar' or 'challenge' my position or actions. I am appreciative that I have been writing journals for a long time to be able to share my views, actions and opinions publicly, without revealing the identity of the 'naysayers' when I wish to disclose their what I call 'sub-optimal' actions! This is truly one of the 80 plus benefits in writing journals with reference here where even my own 'goof ups' in life are recorded! Yes I am serious in explaining Human Consciousness starting with my own!

Due to my extensive interaction with many of all backgrounds as I lived an adventurous life since young plus my deep research into the latest trends and science of our modern day, I regard myself as a post-graduate of my own initiated research in OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking! Somehow I was guided to be prepared not long after the world entered the new Millennium in the year 2003 as per my journal here.

My Journey of Consciousness

In our modern world today, as everyone in any country are able to connect online to share information, culture, feelings and aspirations within a country or abroad, I believe anyone can be aware that there are gaps, small or big, in the reasoning of one another. Of course the availability of air travel at attractive low budget costs would quicken the process of updating the consciousness of the citizens of the world. Turning 18 in the yearend of 1976, I had the wonderful and beneficial trip to explore Western Europe.

I did it because having qualified for free tertiary education in Australia, which is a large continent isolated south of Asia, it would be beneficial to travel north to Europe to expose myself to the Western world! It was indeed an Optimal decision for a young man like me to make to expose myself early in life to understand the different states of Human Consciousness in the world I lived in! It was obviously more the spirit of Adventure that started from being confined to a large garden compound to cover the world as this journal recalls.

I grew up fast and with the aid of technology I could understand Science better or faster. Watch this video below that one can understand how our Objective left brain works with our subjective right in a funny but meaningful way:

In early 2020 a world Pandemic of COVID-19 virus began, something that I've never experienced in my lifetime, forced to be locked-down at home. Being a busy man all my life who became an "OPT Optimal Performance &Thinking" person, I began to appreciate the quietness of being confined at home alone, especially when all my 6 children are living outside Malaysia. 

The first thing I appreciated was the ability to get more sleep and undisturbed hours to do what I had started to focus on, after my wife passed away in 2012, which was to make a breakthrough in my personal research in understanding 'Human Consciousness' For a start I've never felt alone as with the internet and my over 2k of family members & friends connected to me online, I was still the happy "Dad the KL City Kid"

The difference was that above all I had done in life to help me achieve OPT, I gained something education or colleges can't really teach. My dedicated personal research gave me the 'pattern or algorithm' I needed to access the next level of competence to maneuver in the new world I'm blessed to live long enough to experience! I avoided vaccination against the COVID-19 with a rationale explained below with my researched information shared in my Facebook post here.

During my childhood, raised by a father who was a government servant provided with free medical care, I clearly never forgot my struggle in health with fevers, cough & colds, vomiting and even had boils on my legs especially behind the knee caps that caused it painful to walk! I had private doctors even come to our home to bring down my fever basically with sponging that was taught to my parents to do whenever my temperature got too high!

I recall that even when I started going to elementary or primary school, I was suffering from boils that made it very painful for me to walk! My mother started to believe in 'Kwan Yin' or the 'Goddess of Mercy' to take me to the Chinese temple and I had to drink some liquid that contained burnt pieces of paper that were blessed by priests in the Chinese temple.

I recall not long after I started schooling, my health condition improved. I did everything to avoid medicines through building my strength through exercise. By the time I progressed to middle or secondary school, I was into all kinds of sports like jogging, cycling, basketball, soccer, you name any ball game, I can play today as I would join the sport at school, even the martial art of Karate!

When I went to Australia for my free tertiary education, I became good at downhill skiing, trail bike riding, swimming at pools or in the big surf seaside, scrambling on motorbikes, hill climbing etc etc Knowing I would be stuck in Australia for 3 years of college, I decided to take the cheap Aeroflot Russian airline to back pack in western Europe from London to cross the channel to cover over 10 countries backpacking using the efficient railways of the continent!

When I started a family and business early after I qualified as a CPA(which I gave up), I was tested to be busy running around locally, travelling overseas to be so tired that when I boarded the plane, I could sleep in the long flights to US and Europe as well to catch up with Information Technology that began to be my focus.

In my senior years, with all the education and experience I had gained, I started to focus to become a writer with basic background of writing journals for over 40 years. This journal and many others from my life experiences or researched information are all contained in

Over my many years of learning that I've never stopped to do, even investigating, with an OPT mind, I created www.MrOPT.Me in case anyone doubted my knowledge & experience.

Below is my researched information about the COVID-19 vaccines issue:

Everyone was "Locked-down" by law/force in many parts of the world. Vaccines were made mandatory by governments primarily in Asian countries who made rules for the unvaccinated to have problems or inconveniences to enter shops, restaurants etc without proving they have been vaccinated. It was forced on religions too where everyone had to be screened or else! Hmm... so to avoid my church getting in trouble, I would stay home and watched meetings via zoom even when rules were loosening up to allow all to return to their house of worship!

I'm not proud of my knowledge, experience or intelligence obtained line upon line, precept upon precept during my lifetime. I welcomed the lockdown as I could find more time to continue my OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking research in it's final phases. Power of Reason is what this post is about where I was tested against forced vaccinations which I'm glad I researched sufficient to find the Man who could use his knowledge, experience and intelligence to prove the fraud where Pfizer or others involved who can be sued for billions of dollars which is the way of life in the USA I believe.

Here is the latest long live video that was telecast widely in the US representing doctors, PhDs, scientist, reputable individuals etc.

I am glad I can complete this "Reason" journal as I have done with the "Interaction" journal and move on to the next and last of my tripartite nature of Man which would be the "Power of Purpose."

Postdated experience on 15 May 2022:

I just woke up early about past 5am to follow a prompting to clarify my mind early on Sunday morning, my 'Holy Day' My mind can get fuzzy sometimes with so much data or information in my brain/mind. So much happens to me everyday that I use Facebook to make quick notes. Past week I've been trying to get more organized so my latest post shares what I've been doing. 

My computer was accessed so I can check my research notes. I document well as I know how to use technology to process vast information that is flooding the world today. Thanks to my systematic way in life to record information/experience, I happened to be online with my good brother from Africa who has been sharing his challenges faced in his country. Lo and Behold, he came online as I was just experiencing another miracle in my life where I was wanting to be organized with my notes on the topic of COVID-19. I had written in 'Black & White' to read about Bruce Lipton's view on the virus, forgetting as I often do with too much information processing that I had already recorded his video here.

One can reason that I'm just a lucky person to have all these conveniences to become who I am. The truth is NO. I work hard and pray hard for everything I have achieved in Body Mind Spirit of life. I've covered 'Reason' in this journal and about to continue my 'Power of Purpose' journal that will be kind of different as I will hardly type much to express what I know about the Spirit part of my life here.

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