Introduction to a world of Perception, Action and Reflection

This is precisely what the CSF Journals are about, the perceptions, actions and reflections of my life that has led me to start a Community Service First initiative as my contribution to humanity. This is a series of journals incorporating my interest to Connect, Synergize and Futurize with the community or communities that I can be of assistance.

Let me share with you my feelings right at this moment of life. As I scan my brain and my heart of years of accumulated thoughts and feelings, my output is as follows :

My life has been one of continuous learning, appreciating, improving and sharing. Learning helps me improve my thinking while appreciating helps me improve my feelings. Thinking and Feeling develops my Perception which when shared to the world comes in the form of my Actions in life. Reflections serve as a sharpening exercise from the feedback that is received which can further improve my thinking and feelings so that a cycle of Perception, Action and Reflection can be said to lead to PAR excellence or a Continuous Improvement Process.

Post-dated addition :
It is worth spending time to watch the video below to understand how Perception is the root of improving our biological bodies too for better health!

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